Quad-Lock Ties

Quad-Lock Ties secure the Quad-Lock Panels to form the cavity for the concrete. Quad-Lock Ties:

Quad-Lock Tie Dimensions

Quad-Lock Ties

  • Connect the panels in 4 ways (hence “Quad-Lock”): transversely, vertically, at butt joints,and along horizontal seams.
  • Serve as an attachment point for bracing and finish materials.
  • Serve as a locator for reinforcing steel using the ties’ molded rebar chairs.
  • Help to secure corners, T-Walls, etc.
  • Molded water stop assures no migration of water along ties.

Ties are placed at the intersection of the horizontal and vertical joints of all panels and every 12″ [305mm] in-between, which are marked by the deeper, wider grooves in the panels. The ties are placed to align every 12″ [305mm] vertically and horizontally in every wall. Two Quad-Lock Panels and four Quad-Lock Ties form one Unit. The ties are recessed from the outside surface of the panels to prevent thermal bridging and the telegraphing of dissimilar materials when finishing with stucco.

Quad-Lock Corner Transition

Ties are available in five different standard lengths and are color-coded for easy identification. Using ties of different lengths, five different wall widths are available and can be combined with Extender Ties to add 12″ [305mm] to any standard tie length. Multiple Extender Ties can be joined to make wider cavities.

Quad-Lock Ties are molded of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). The unique tie design and placement provides to following benefits:

  • Ensures a uniform concrete thickness throughout the wall.
  • Prevents the deflection or spreading of all edges of the panels to ensure a smooth, planar surface and prevent blowouts. This is achieved through the placement of the ties at all horizontal AND vertical joints where panels are most vulnerable to hydrostatic pressure during concrete placement.
  • Provides additional strength at high-pressure areas such as corners, T-walls.
  • Allows a single tie to be easily modified for specific tasks by cutting the ties into split ties and tie flanges which are used near wall junctions and openings.
  • Allows almost unlimited wall cavity size by combining Extender Ties with standard ties.

Brick Ledge Ties

Quad-Lock Brick Ledge Tie Assembly

Quad-Lock Brick Ledge Tie can be used to create a concrete ledge for brick or stone exterior finishes or as support for floor joists. It easily transitions the wall from a 12″ [305mm] concrete cavity to a 6″ [150mm] cavity (when used with U-0.28 panels), leaving a 3?” [95mm] solid concrete supporting ledge, plus a 2?” [57mm] wide high-density foam panel capped by a galvanized Metal Track.

Extender Ties

Quad-Lock Extender Tie

The Quad-Lock Extender Tie will allow builders to create walls of almost any desired concrete thickness. Extender Ties are designed to interlock with regular Full Ties to add 12″ [305mm] of concrete cavity. Combine multiple Extender Ties with Full Ties to create concrete cavities larger than 24″[610mm].

Slab Ties

Slab Ties, used in combination with the Slab Bracket and 2×4 lumber, will provide a solid support system for 1 to 2 layers of outside panels during the concrete pour of a floor slab. This system eliminates the need for exterior scaffolding or ladders. Available in 6[152 mm]”, 8″[203 mm], 10″[254mm], 12″[305 mm] and 14[355 mm]”.