Quad-Lock for Walls

Build unlimited wall widths, many different insulation values, corners, angles, T-walls, columns, pilasters, brick ledges, and radius walls, using just a few standard components.

  • Panels made of EPS, available in 2 thicknesses (57mm and 108mm) and with optional Fastening Strips
  • Ties made of High Density Polyethylene (5 standard lengths plus Extender Ties and Brick Ledge Ties)
  • Corner, Angle, Window, and Straight Brackets to eliminate bracing at corners and build bucks or end caps
  • Metal Tracks & Wire Top Ties for starting and finishing the wall assembly

Quad-Lock for Walls

Quad-Deck for Floors, Roofs, and Tilt-Up

Quad-Deck is a high-quality ICF for suspended concrete floors and roofs and can also be used to form walls for Tilt-Up applications.

Quad-Deck for Floors, Roofs, and Tilt-Up

R-ETRO Insulation System for Existing Walls

Easily add  insulation to existing walls with superior attachment features for finishes.

R-ETRO Insulation for Existing Walls


A number of excellent complementary products for Quad-Lock solutions are available from most Quad-Lock distributors.