Quad-Lock Building Systems provides cost-effective and high performance building shells to the UK construction industry.

Quad-Lock ( works with building professionals to offer a highly sustainable and energy efficient Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICF) building envelope solution for the UK construction industry.  Quad-Lock products allow building teams to quickly specify and build superior building envelopes that surpass current and impending building regulations, and are cost-effective not only during construction, but over the life-time of a building due to significantly reduced energy, insurance, and maintenance costs plus very long service lives.

Quad-Lock’s thermal and air tight properties ensure outstanding energy performance making the system economical in achieving the Code for Sustainable Homes, BREEAM, Building Regulations Part L and other industry requirements. It also delivers remarkable Carbon Performance over the building’s life-cycle in terms of CO2 reduction per pound spent. Additional benefits include:

  • Construction and Financing costs are reduced due to the high speed of construction, shortened build programs, providing saving in labour, machinery, and ancillary costs
  • The completed building offers an excellent living environment for occupants. Through exceptional thermal and acoustic insulation, low allergen levels (due to air tightness) and inert properties of the building materials, the building feels quiet, comfortable and warm
  • As monolithic reinforced concrete structures, Quad-Lock buildings use bunker-technology to provide outstanding durability, fire safety performance, and superior resistance to natural forces – often with astounding insurance-savings for their resilience
  • The “As-Built” Quad-Lock building will typically outperform the “As-Designed” requirements
  • Quad-Lock products are infinitely versatile and can easily be shaped to form design elements of modern buildings – openings, corners, angles, curves and arches

Quad-Lock is an established ICF supplier for over 20 years, offering a concrete shuttering ICF system used to build walls, floors and roofs. The German-engineered system provides a complete building envelope of high thermal efficiency, strength, ease-of-use and versatility.

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