Architects & Engineers

Increased Versatility & Design Flexibility Quad-Lock can easily be shaped to form all the design elements of modern buildings – wide openings, arches, corners, any angles, and real curves with almost any radius. We offer forms with true U-values of 0.28, 0.20, 0.15 and lower, ten wall configurations, angles of any degree, curves, bracing, attachment accessories, waterproofing and render systems. Our panel system allows you to design and work to any 50.8mm increment – build around lintel or column reinforcements, rebar, anything. Our Quad-Deck product – an ICF for flooring and roofing applications provides a you with a complete concrete structure.
Improved Energy Efficiency Quad-Lock buildings are ultra Energy-Efficient because of continuous EPS Insulation, greatly reduced air infiltration, and the “thermal mass effect” of concrete. Bottom line, building with Quad-Lock ICF can save your clients much as 80% on heating & cooling costs – savings every month.
Increased Client Satisfaction In addition to the significantly lower energy costs, Quad-Lock buildings are much more comfortable and healthy for the occupants because of very even inside temperatures (no cold or drafty spots), far better sound attenuation (Sound Transmission Class (STC) Ratings of 49 to 53+); and low risk of mould growth and allergen infiltration, and up to a 4-hour fire rating.
Sustainable Construction Quad-Lock buildings are longer-lasting and more resistant to natural disasters, rot, mould, and pests because the solid reinforced concrete is up to 8 times stronger and nearly impenetrable. A Quad-Lock home is built to last.
Our Commitment & Support Our product development team works with our customers to bring timely, field-tested products to market. Our company has been ISO 9001:2000 Certified. We provide nationwide educational/hands-on training as well as specific job site training. Our strong Dealer network provides local assistance and inventory. Quad-Lock’s head office compliments its field offices with strong engineering and technical resources.

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