Quad-Lock Building Systems provide a fast-build and high performing building envelope to the UK construction industry. Quad-Lock Insulating Concrete Forms serve to provide robust concrete buildings and stay in place insulation resulting in safer, more comfortable and ecologically sound homes and commercial buildings.

We provide the most cost effective method to reach Code for Sustainable Homes Levels 3 to 6, PassivHaus, BREEAM and Building Regulation requirements.

Architects & Engineers

Architects Quad-Lock products are infinitely versatile, providing unmatched design and construction flexibility. Quad-Lock can easily be shaped to form design elements of modern buildings — openings, corners, angles, curves and arches. Quad-Lock makes it possible for architects and engineers to create buildings that are structurally sound and aesthetically appealing.

Contractors & Builders

Contractors Quad-Lock will reduce your construction time and costs by combining several steps into one simple step, reducing your crew size. In addition, the insurance and on-site security costs will be reduced. The Quad-Lock technical team is available to help with all facets of your project and have an unmatched dealer network providing local support and inventory.

Home Owners

Home Owners Owners of Quad-Lock homes consistently praise their living comfort, noise reduction, and energy efficiency. Quad-Lock homes maintain even inside temperatures (no cold or drafty spots), far better sound attenuation, and low risk of mold growth and allergen infiltration. See how you can significantly reduce your energy bills while living in a superior environment.